Vercors Park

Our hotel at the heart of Vercors Park is the ideal starting point to set off on an expedition...

Take a deep breath of fresh air while admiring the wide open spaces, the beauty of the surroundings and the biodiversity!  Our hotel in the Vercors regional natural park, a citadel of limestone, is a vast natural playground which covers 206,208 hectares. Discover it on foot, by bike, by motorcycle or on skis. The park was created in 1970 and stretches from the Isère valley in the north to the Diois in the south. It covers 8 regions, including the Quatre-Montagnes, home to the villages of Méaudre, Autrans, Villard de Lans and Lans en Vercors.


Observe 1,800 species of plant including 85 protected species, and 75 types of orchid, 142 species of nesting bird and 72 species of mammal. The Vercors is one of the rare massifs which is home to all six types of wild ungulate in France: chamois, deer, roebuck, mouflon, wild boar and ibex.


The Hauts Plateaux nature reserve covers 17,000 hectares, or 10% of the Vercors regional natural park. It is the largest nature reserve in mainland France and represents the wild heart of the Vercors, with no permanent roads or dwellings.

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